Wednesday, January 1, 2014

made: a bed fit for a prince

my brother is the coolest. i don't mean to brag, but, he just is. level of coolness kept in mind, it makes sense that he's given me some of the most supremely cool gifts throughout the years. see, the guy can make nearly anything you could think of. he's a welder, a carpenter, a mechanic, and he's a natural at pretty much everything that involves hand crafting anything. this year, as the holidays approached, he kept hinting that he'd been working on something unique for josh, nigel and i. come christmas day we were amazed when we unwrapped the most enchanting little dog bed that greg carved from red oak! how many dogs have something this badass to sleep in?! if nigel wasn't sure that he's a real boy before, he is now. THANKS UNCLE GREG!

the marvelous creation sans doggy mattress.

in the lap of luxury.

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