Saturday, January 4, 2014

babes of yesterday: lewis thornton powell

lewis thornton powell a.k.a lewis payne/paine, or doc if you were among his closest pals, was without a doubt the dreamiest of the lincoln conspirators. he attempted unsuccessfully to assassinate william h. seward on april 14, 1865. as unbabely as the whole attempt on the secretary of state's life was... his face... those eyes.. that deeply furrowed brow that plucks at your heart strings as he sits in wrist irons, gazing fervently into the camera... phew! ok, moving on. keep in mind that lew had experienced much turmoil in the years just before he went all conspirator. he became a soldier at the ripe old age of 17, fought at gettysburg and was deeply stricken by the death of his brother in the battle of murfreesboro. he paid for his crimes dearly, too, when he was tried by a military tribunal and sentenced to die. on july 7, 1865, he fell from the gallows at fort mcnair and struggled for over 5 minutes before death came. ouch, doc.
aboard the monitor uss saugus. source.

shortly after his arrest, in the coat he wore when he attempted seward's assasination. source.


and a colorized one, because good god. source.

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