Saturday, January 18, 2014

hot shit: a rant

this has popped up in my facebook feed at least 10 times in the past 24 hours. don't get me wrong, i see dumb little things on facebook every day and i hardly ever take them seriously or give them a second thought. this, though... for some reason this really gets to me. the idea that this puts out there is as follows: all women are pretty much full of "shit" that men have to deal with and eventually get sick of. when it comes to average looking women, it's super easy to understand how a man could quickly and easily be sick of them and their "shit". some women, though, have things like boob jobs, ultra hot bods and pretty faces.... and from the viewpoint of most men who see them in passing, it would seem almost impossible for a man to get sick of a woman like this when he can simply objectify the shit out of her and pay attention to only her physical features. BUT WAIT..... NEWSFLASH via this incredibly clever and informative meme! behind every woman, even one as sexy as the one pictured, there is a man who is sick of her "shit". it seems to me that the basic lesson the dudes posting this little gem are trying to impart is that no matter how nice a woman's tits are, eventually those will become old news and, just like all the other dudes with plain looking girls have had to do, her male companion will be forced to realize that the piece of meat, i mean, woman in question possesses a brain and a personality <----also known as "shit". in fact, as his relationship with her progresses she might even want to exchange ideas and tell him about her interests, opinions, likes and dislikes. if things start to get really serious, there might come a time when, in the event of a disagreement or something of the sort, she wants to solve the problem at hand by talking about it. at this time, the man in her life, in all his super perfect, red-blooded manliness will be massively sick of her shit. that is the point, right guys? maybe all the boys who've made this silly little thing go viral are just joking? not funny, just dumb. and most of all, embarrassing. why would you want any woman- your mother, your sister, your girlfriend, wife or friend, to see you perpetuating something so impolite? whether or not you intend to, you're kinda sorta aligning yourself with the type of men who think of women as objects- someone to fold their laundry, make them a sandwich and not talk back. and THAT is total shit.

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