Saturday, January 25, 2014

babes of yesterday: jake ryan

a few nights ago i had a big and lovely dinner at my mom's. afterward i had gathered my chihuahua, my boots and the mountain of leftovers that my mom loves to send home with me, and was about to say my goodbyes when i heard the first chords of "i know this much is true" drifting out of the living room. i knew it could only mean one thing, and sure enough, when i turned to the television, there was jake ryan's heavenly face and bod slow dancing with caroline mulford. just like that, regardless of the fact that i've seen "sixteen candles" approximately 72 trillion times, i sank down onto the couch and stayed there for the next 90 minutes. i had things waiting for me at home! i was going to begin a new sewing project, take a bubble bath, make tea... but here's the thing: once you catch a glimpse of jake ryan you can't look away. you just can't. jake was the third crush of my life (preceded by jordan knight and then devon sawa), and he, in all his ripened good looks made the first two seem a bit purile. i mean, he's the most popular guy in school... devastatingly handsome, athletic, with a smile that could make you die instantly. every girl at school wanted him, every last one. when you add this stuff together the result should be a total cad, but no. jake ryan was disinterested in all that surface bullshit.. he was bored and brooding at parties while everyone else was sloppy and wasted, he wanted something deep. how is that even possible? you're a miracle, jake ryan.

of course you do jake! i'll be your serious girlfriend. real serious. SO SO SERIOUS.

and that personal style! a preppy sweater with those rough and tumble boots and cuffed jeans?!? total insouciance.

and let's not forget those legs.

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