Friday, December 27, 2013

dressed: a yummy house christmas

josh and i, along with nearly everyone else in tampa it seemed, had christmas supper at yummy house. it was nice to eat something a little bit untraditional at the end of a very tradition filled day!

on me: deadly dames cigarette pants, h&m turtle neck, vintage cardigan, zara ballet flats.
on josh: h&m slacks & pullover, frye james lug wingtip boot, vintage hat.

Monday, December 23, 2013

sewn: a tiny corset

a couple of months ago my super darling, incredibly sassy 6 year old niece, casey, requested a corset for christmas. an unusual piece for a little girl, perhaps, but casey is a very avant-garde first grader. i was determined to grant her wish, with only one thing standing in my way: the lack of corset patterns for itty bittys.... luckily, one of my very best friends, ricky lindsay, is an incredibly talented dressmaker. i got casey's measurements and ricky gave me a lesson in basic pattern making, (i'm going to need several more before i can make a pattern without his help) and together the tiny corset came! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

dressed: the perfect vintage overall

i'd had my eyes peeled for a good pair of overalls at the thrift store for an eternity, and with no luck. in fact, i was almost resigned to the actuality that only small children and large men ever part with their dungarees, when off the rack popped this gorgeous, perfectly worn pair! they manage to be shabby and chic at the same time, i think, and i've kind of been wearing them everywhere. i love you, new (to me) overalls. i love you so.

Friday, December 13, 2013

babes of yesterday: anais nin

prolific author, part time psychoanalyst, flamenco dancer, world traveler, muse of countless great artists, writers and thinkers, possessor of gorgeous and unusual taste in clothing, furnishings and dwellings (remember when she lived on a houseboat??), feminist and enfant terrible. no one can outbabe anais.




Wednesday, December 11, 2013

in with the new

after a brief bloggin' hiatus, it's time to get back at it... and back at it with an entirely new blog, at that! a while back i started to get bored with the content of my old site, and began feeling the urge to do something different. within the past year, i've changed enormously. i guess it makes sense, then, that the things i want to blog about have changed too. don't get me wrong, i'm still a thrift shop foraging, vintage fiending gal who is compelled to share her personal style with the internet. it's just that there are other things that i have always loved, along with some new interests and obsessions, that are starting to draw me in and become focal points. naturally, i want to share the things that i'm cooking, sewing, reading, arranging... you name it, along with what i'm wearing; and i felt that i needed a brand new place to start. it's only fitting that my first post on this here new blog combines personal style with a skill that i began developing a little while back and continue to love more each day: sewing. you're looking at my very first handmade dress! i used  a vintage inspired simplicity pattern and vintage fabric that i found at the flea market. say hello to my new dress and to my new blog!