Wednesday, December 11, 2013

in with the new

after a brief bloggin' hiatus, it's time to get back at it... and back at it with an entirely new blog, at that! a while back i started to get bored with the content of my old site, and began feeling the urge to do something different. within the past year, i've changed enormously. i guess it makes sense, then, that the things i want to blog about have changed too. don't get me wrong, i'm still a thrift shop foraging, vintage fiending gal who is compelled to share her personal style with the internet. it's just that there are other things that i have always loved, along with some new interests and obsessions, that are starting to draw me in and become focal points. naturally, i want to share the things that i'm cooking, sewing, reading, arranging... you name it, along with what i'm wearing; and i felt that i needed a brand new place to start. it's only fitting that my first post on this here new blog combines personal style with a skill that i began developing a little while back and continue to love more each day: sewing. you're looking at my very first handmade dress! i used  a vintage inspired simplicity pattern and vintage fabric that i found at the flea market. say hello to my new dress and to my new blog!

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